Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mini Vacay and Struggles

This week we took Brantley on a mini vacay to Great Wolf Lodge, the best idea ever! We all had a blast. In the past traveling to new places always meant eat all the food! This usually included huge portions of pasta or something comparable. Now when I leave home over night I actually worry about the choices I will make etc. Even after a year on this journey I still struggle with temptation on things I don't need, yes I know "everything in moderation" but that's just not how I roll. I need to be cut off lol! One evening we went to Cheesecake Factory...and I got my beloved Vietnamese Summer Rolls, soo good. Brant loves CF just as much as I do.
Of course after dinner it was water park and more water park. It has probably been ten years since I felt comfortable in a bathing suit, or been on any sort of ride. But let me tell was water slide after water slide! Being able to chase after my son in a bathing suit up and down flights of stairs makes all of my sacrifices worth it, Which really they are not sacrifices in my opinion any more. I have chosen to totally change my lifestyle from sedentary to active as well as eat a healthy diet. I had forgotten how much fun it was to actually have fun!

Of course after hours of swimming we found a wolf sabre! Build your own I might add...he was in heaven.
By the time we left for home I had already eaten the protein bars and snacks I had packed...hello gas station food! Still doing my best to make healthy choices. Gotta hit my macros.
Speaking of macros....I have seen so many ladies talk about these thin oreos. I used to super puffy heart love oreos. The macros on these aren't terrible and I love them! However I wake up thinking about these bad boys...they've gotta go! Seriously about to throw them in the trash so I won't eat them!

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