Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What I'm Thinking - Wednesday

So much has been going through my mind since school has started back and everyone is back in their normal routines. With everyone's schedules being hectic one thing I am thankful for is meal prep!!! Having everything already portioned and weighed makes my whole life so much easier and helps me stay on track. When I don't have things prepped I feel like I could eat everything in the pantry all at once! Something new that I have added to make my life tons easier is a Home Chef subscription. They have tons of options from low cal to low carb. I log in a pick my meals and they are delivered to my door step. The meals average out to be $9,95 each and are tasty...another plus is the macros are already figured..holla!!!! This is our dinner from last night..Korean Mahi Mahi.
Since I last blogged I have started back running and my ankle is feeling tons better...still a little funky at time but nonetheless I am crushing my early morning workouts. Yoga is still amazing and provides me with much more than a good workout. Our flow last night was geared more toward relaxation and was right on with my needs this week. Yoga offers me a time to clear my head and exist in the moment. It doesn't matter if I am at class or practice at has given me a new outlook on my body and life in general. Because yoga is a must...every day.
I feel like so many times I get asked about loosing weight, what am I doing, what do I eat, the list goes on and on.. which for all of this I am extremely thankful. I truly want to spread my love for fitness for all to hear. It is so hard to not get hung up on that "magic" number that you want to weigh on the scale...I often have to remind myself that while I am on this journey. A healthy lifestyle is SOO much more than that. It is not just about a number. It is about living a healthy that I am proud of and want my son to grow up with. He deserves more, and I deserve more. Our bodies are an amazing thing and take so much abuse whether it be from bad habits, or lack of exercise. It is never to late to just have to make that one simple step. Try not to think about the number of pounds you want to use..its one choice at a time, one day at a time, one meal at a time. My point in sharing this is that you need to love yourself for you..not a stereotype..if you are not happy with something you have to power to change it. That is why I choose happiness, a healthy lifestyle, and strong over skinny. I an totally trusting my body on this journey and where it takes me. I still find myself looking in the mirror and taking a second look...thinking "Who is this girl?" followed by "I'm killin' it" lol...there may be a flex break thrown in there every now and then hah!

With our farewell to summer bring on pumpkin spice errr thing!!! This basic girl is ready for it all (in moderation of course). I'm going to have to remind myself in a few weeks to spare myself from the pumpkin pie quest bars...they are pretty terrible!!!!
Don't forget to set goals and hold yourself accountable...after all you are your biggest supporter!!!!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Life Lately

Hey Hey! You know when people are asking when your next blog will be up you have waited entirely too long to post! My apologies. Life lately has been a world wind that's for sure. Summer has officially come to an end in the Bullock household and we are in "back to school" mode. The end of July and beginning of August definitely started out with a bang..not! There have been a couple of major disappointments in my fitness journey lately. I wasn't able to run the Watermelon Crawl due to having issues with my knee..well if that wasn't enough I didn't take it easy like I should so a couple of weeks later I ended up hurting my ATFL ligament at yoga...of all places. I heard a popping sound and my butt hit the mat! Needless to say this has forced me to lay of almost all cardio for over two weeks. I figure this time I should take it easy seeing as I just keep pushing myself and injuring myself all at the same time. I took 1 week off from the gym. This was probably the hardest thing I have done! Coming from someone that used to LOVE sitting on their butt and making them now sit on their butt is pretty miserable. I'm simply not the same person I used to be. So it has been lots of ice and wet heat over here.
I ran for the first time in several weeks today, and it felt so good but sucked so bad all at the same time! Before summer break was over some of my close friends and I felt the need to have a girls day, which was much needed. Lets just say this group of ladies and I all share one (well maybe a lot) of things in common. We love fitness! They keep me grounded and push me when I need it the most (which is always). They are a part of my fitness journey and a big part of my life. I don't know what I would do without these ladies! I love each of you so much.
My August goals were to 1. Loose 20lbs (which wont happen due to injury) but I am still pushing to loose as much as possible. 2. Implement more clean eating 3. 6 workouts a week 4. work on increasing mileage on my runs 5. Hit my macros EVERY day 6. MEAL PREP
All of my goals for the month are right on track, something about knowing all of my food is weighed to perfection for the next day just makes me giddy. Take that macros! This lifestyle of mine takes work and time but it is OH SO worth it. Lets talk action shots...picture like this used to make me cringe! Now..I'm like so what! 200lb deadlift after a killer leg day the day before..I will take that. No complaints here. Lifting heavy makes feel like a beast. However I am learning the importance of high rep/low weight sets as well...something I need to implement more in my workouts.
One thing that remains the by day..if you have a negative mind no matter what it is in regards to you are just setting yourself up for failure. You have to know that you will succeed, everyones journey is different which makes it beautiful. Watching my body change is definitely rewarding but knowing my whole outlook on life has changed is the icing on the cake.
Many of you have asked about macros, nutrition, etc...I will be writing a post about that soon! Comment below if there is anything else you would like to see on the blog :) .