Friday, April 7, 2017

Face to Face Friday Y'all

Sometimes it just important to reflect on where you matter the journey. It does not matter the catalyst that starts the reaction but please if your on the fence JUST DO IT! Start! Make small changes! For years I followed all of these awesome people on fitness journeys, healthy life style bloggers, you name it. By years I mean at least 4! You would think after following some of them that long I would actually jump on that bandwagon...yea no...I just observed...thinking I wish I could do this, there is no way, it is too hard, I have no one to watch my child, I am too tired...and the list goes on and on..ya feel me? Finally it took me being fed up with feeling like crap day in and day out. Sometimes I fell like I had to hit rock bottom to redeem myself, and by rock bottom...I mean bottom of the barrel. This little gem below is not even me at my heavest....but you have to start somewhere?!?!?!

I am constantly creating new goals for myself in order to keep me motivated...I feel like that is one way to keep me in check and allows me to be able to accomplish my goals. About a year ago I ran my first 5k. I trained for 4 weeks and did not do anything the way I should have. The first time I had ran on the asphalt was race day. Needless to say now I can not stand the treadmill! It could be freezing or pouring rain and I would still rather run outside. I quickly found that running to me was an emotional task and one that I was eager to get better at. Almost all of my training has taken place with some of the best ladies around and that I am forever thankful for. I can't wait to see where another year of this journey takes me and how many miles I run.

The weather has been awesome lately and its race season! I am still obsessing over macros and thought this meme was accurate. Sometimes counting macros has me feeling like a mad scientist!