Saturday, July 8, 2017

My Weight Loss Story, YEAR TWO!

It's hard to believe that my blog came to life over a year ago. I remember at the time I was so nervous to post anything about my journey for fear of being judged and what others would think. I honestly feel like I am so hesitant to post things sometimes because I don't know what others will think...hard to believe I know, it's like how much info do you really share? This past year has been an absolute whirlwind! I have tried things I never thought my body would have been capable of and to date I have lost around 152lbs since starting my weight loss journey in June of 2015. It's crazy for me to think that I have lost a whole person...I am almost to half of my starting body weight. I get asked all the did you do it? What did you take? What did you have done? I can 100% tell you that all of it has come from hard work and dedication and that is something that I take pride in. I haven't used any fancy products shakes, or pills to achieve the weight that I currently am at. My advice to anyone would be monitor your food intake and simply move more. Because...we all know that couch or chair (in my case) isn't going to get you where you want to be. I thought it would be nice to take a blast back to the "chair" picture which is what triggered it all.

I am currently still counting macros and logging all of my foot in my fitness pal. I still struggle and I feel like I always will with wanting food that I do not need. I guess I would say I am more impulsive with it than anything else. However over time it does get easier. I am currently eating 1535 kcal a day still seeing a loss. It is so hard for me sometimes because the weight obviously is coming off a lot slower and ideally I really want to loose another 50lbs which would put me at 200lbs lost. This is an attainable goal however it will just take some time. I do hope to reach this goal within the next by June 2018 pretty much. Aside from all of the weight loss I am still very thankful is still easy for me to be critical about myself! I have extra skin and stretch marks like most everyone who has gained and lost a lot of weight. Skin removal surgery is something I will consider once I reach my goal weight. For now I am just blessed that I am able to do things I haven't done years. I feel free! I am free to live my life without restrictions and I can honestly say I have never been happier. I can jump with my little one, chase after him, and have him talk to me about wondering when he will be big enough to run with me! Setting an example for him has been the best thing that I could have given him!

This year I have also found a passion for running. It is a love/hate relationship but to me it is oh so rewarding lol. This year I have ran 5 half-marathons and I honestly have lost track of how many 5ks. I PR'd (personal record) my 5k time and have finally broken my 10 minute mile on several occasions. I have dropped my mileage some this summer because I just needed a break however I am stilling lifting and working out 6 days a week in the gym.
I do have to say that the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon has been my most favorite so far. The community support, course, all of it was fantastic! The next one I am signed up for is the Route 66 , I Half in November, I will have to start building my miles back up within the next month or so!

2016 went by with a flash and I can not wait to see what happens over the course of the next year, no matter the outcome...I have to remember my "whys". 
Why I started, Why am I doing this, Why is this important to me. 

My number one reason is: Because I'm Worth It!

It is ok to love yourself, and in turn take care of yourself. You are worth so much more!

You are worth it!


  1. Wow Mallarey, you are such an inspiration! I have kept up with your weight loss journey the past two years and have been silently cheering you on. I know you will reach your goal, can't wait to read all about it!

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