Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Simplifying Your Success

I frequently get asked "how to you do it all"..... I am assuming what they want to know is how I juggle all aspects of my life... and to be honest sometimes I have no clue! hah! Periods of time pass where I feel like all of the days run together!! School has started back and another summer has come to a close. In the past I always hated having a new id picture made...but these days...new picture, yes please! I do not think I ever thought I would look younger as I aged! There are so many things to be thankful for! My health being one of them.

I always miss being able to be out in the sun by the pool however I desperately need structure! This post is geared to several things that have made my life easier while keeping me motivated! Back to school means back to meal prepping!!! This is my number one key to success. It is so much easier to go about your day without having to worry about what your going to eat. This week I made a Zucchini Lasagna (Thanks SkinnyMeg!!). It consist of Zucchini (instead of noodles), ground turkey, maranara, cheeses, and seasoning. It is so good and is perfect to prep for the week. I divided it up into six servings at 275kcal 19C/9F/29.5P.
I always prep my breakfast, lunches, and snacks for each day. The night before I log all of it in myfitness pal. That way the next day I know exactly what I am working with. Dinner is usually a little tricky. I try to just play with my numbers to make sure I am within my +5/-5 macro window. I always aim to reach my protein goal first. I continually remind myself: you can not outwork a bad diet!

Secondly, exercise is key to me. I don't look at it as a form of punishment. I actually really enjoy it! I have several half-marathons coming up so I am building my mileage up and this time I am not letting my weight lifting go! I set aside time 6 days a week for my workouts. The times may vary (which I am not a fan of)... however I always make sure I get them done. On my rest day I make sure I am still active! After re-evaluating my macro numbers and workouts I had a loss last week which was so refreshing! Sometimes you just need to reset your metabolism! 
My next piece of advice is to breath! Take time to enjoy the small things. The time is going to pass anyways. It is so important to make it worthwhile! 

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